AC004 Y-cord Training Cable

     For users who are looking for something simple but reliable, the Accutone® CM800 headset is perhaps the best entry-level headset one can find. Tested across all Accelerated Life Tests and Reliability Tests of industrial standards, there is nothing lacking from the CM800. Powered by two standard 40mm speakers, the headset is perfect for general multimedia applications. From listening songs via iTunes or watching videos on Youtube, the CM800 is a favorite choice among PC and Mac users. The pair of standard 3.5mm plugs is compatible to most digital audio devices like MP3 players or Digital Recorders.

Product Specifications

  • Training cable
  • Specially-designed for call-center applications
  • Single quick-disconnector splits into two adaptors for connecting two headsets
  • Applicable to any standard Accutone telephone headset with QD